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Robin’s Bay, a small fishing village located in the parish of St Mary, is one of the most beautiful, yet little-known coastlines in the island.

The place

Waterfall & Beach Spaces

It is home to Tacky Falls and Kwame Falls, and plenty of beach space that is open to the public. While it is a great hiking destination, Robin’s Bay is still pretty much undiscovered, and features acres of unspoiled natural bushy terrain.

THe Jamaica

Authentic Jamaican Experience

Robin’s Bay in Jamaica provides visitors with a much more authentic Jamaican experience.  It is regarded as one of the least commercially developed areas in Jamaica, free from major hotel chains.

"Robin's Bay offers one of the last pieces of undeveloped coastline in all of Jamaica. The area known as Robin's Bay comprises of 20,000 acres of land spread over a 15 mile coastline"

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