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About Team

Vital Frequency Retreat is built from tons of cut stone, truckloads of thatch and the spirit of our amazing team.

The Goal

Vital Frequency’s staff’s happiness lies at the core of our success.

Our goal is to empower our team through inspiring them with a mission driven vision, personal growth opportunities and enriched responsibilities while delivering a excellent customer service that will endorse us as the employer of choice in the region.

New Employee

Authentic Place for the Best Memories & Care takers

We primarily recruit new team members at the line level and always look to replace any attrition by internal promotion. We believe in the potential of the people we employ, and we know that an empowered and enabled team will take the very best care of our guests.

Our Founders

Vital Mikal is the CEO of Vital Vegan Inc established in 2019 and opened Vital Vegan Café in the latter part 2019. With a daughter on the way and in hopes of being able to be physically active in her life, he started Vital Vegan. Struggling with his weight and reaching an all time high of 236lbs, he began to dig deep into research reading books and attending holistic and vegan events to learn more about the lifestyle. During the pandemic, both of these businesses thrived in a time where health and wellness was sought out by everyone. Vital Mikal dug deep and travelled back and forth through Jamaica meeting herbalists, farmers and health specialists to help formulate new herbal compounds, detoxes and teas. Vital Mikal has been living a holistic vegan lifestyle for almost 5 years now and continues to encourage and educate others on how to prepare and plan meals. In the earlier part of 2022, Mikal closed his cafe, although it was doing well, to pursue building a health and wellness retreat in his birthplace and a safe haven of Jamaica. He has met with yoga instructors, health gurus, vegan chefs, herbalists, chakra healers and other influencers in the vegan community to create a program of vitality and healing. Everything he planned on his new business venture has been meticulously planned out from the moment you enter the property to every detail in each room. He has honed in on the best features of the island of which he calls home to bring you healing in paradise!

Shaneequewa Samuels is the founder and CEO of High Frequenctea- a premium quality organic supplements, healing tea, and holistic lifestyle company. Shaneequewa and her mother, Shirley Samuels started the company back in 2019. Shaneequewa took on a life of healing when she became sick at the age of 25 with a chronic auto-immune disease. Her lifestyle prior to this age was filled with fast food and lack of exercise. Once the over accumulation of toxins reached its capacity she began to suffer from headaches, temporary blindness, abdominal cramping, severe joint pain and chronic inflammation. After spending a year in and out the hospital she decided to go Raw vegan/ plant based for a year along with the consumption of herbs daily, and “voila” all her symptoms reversed. Shaneequewa decided to author her own book titled “We Are Not The Same” to assist others who are suffering, physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. She later on went on to author the Amazon best selling cookbook- Kale Baby I Like It Raw which contains 50+ raw vegan recipes.

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